Obamas Kabinett schaut fern

Vor ein paar Tagen wurde uns durch die Massenmedien folgendes Photo dargereicht:

Obamas Kabinett im Situation Room

Obamas Kabinett im Situation Room

Angeblich schauten sie sich einen ‘Live Feed von Seal Team 6’ an. Später wurde dann behauptet, der Feed sei im entscheidenden Moment abgebrochen.

Die New York Times meinte nun aber (Hervorhebung durch mich):

 The code name for Bin Laden was “Geronimo.” The president and his advisers watched Leon E. Panetta, the C.I.A. director, on a video screen, narrating from his agency’s headquarters across the Potomac River what was happening in faraway Pakistan.

Was ist an Leon Panetta so schrecklich, Frau Clinton? Und alle sind reingefallen, he, he.

Der Telegraph hat dazu Details:

 Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, revealed there was a 25 minute blackout during which the live feed from cameras mounted on the helmets of the US special forces was cut off.

A photograph released by the White House appeared to show the President and his aides in the situation room watching the action as it unfolded. In fact they had little knowledge of what was happening in the compound.

In an interview with PBS, Mr Panetta said: “Once those teams went into the compound I can tell you that there was a time period of almost 20 or 25 minutes where we really didn’t know just exactly what was going on. And there were some very tense moments as we were waiting for information.

“We had some observation of the approach there, but we did not have direct flow of information as to the actual conduct of the operation itself as they were going through the compound.”

Mr Panetta also told the network that the US Navy Seals made the final decision to kill bin Laden rather than the president.  

So, so nun sind also die Leute vor Ort verantwortlich für die Entscheidung und nicht der Big Boss, der hat nur zugeschaut, wie Leon ein Gschichtli erzählt.


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