US destroyer collides with container ship

The US Navy destroyer «USS Fitzgerald» collided on Saturday morning 02:30 local time (17:30 GMT) with the civilian, Phillipine-flagged, container ship «ACX Crystal», which is run by the Japanese shipping company NYK Line according to Philippine newspaper «Manila Times».

The «ACX Crystal» is 222.6m in length has only been slightly damaged in the accident and continues its way to Tokyo.


«ACX Crystal» Image Credits: Marine Traffic

The «USS Fitzgerald», on the other hand, with 155.9m of length not a small ship either, was strongly damaged and had to be brought to Yokosuka harbour.


«USS Fitzgerald» Image Credits: US Navy

The accident happened 56 nautical miles southwest of Yokosuka in a busy shipping channel, where accidents are not uncommon. However, the «ACX Crystal» is said to have made a sharp turn at the moment of the accident, whose cause is as of now still unknown.

According to the US Navy, the remains of the missing sailors have been found in the flooded berthing compartments of the ship. They will be transferred to the Naval Hospital Yokosuka.

The container ship is quite large and hard not to see on radar. It will be interesting to follow this investigation.